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Last month, we heard that a new italian restaurant, Lido, opened up at 2168 Fredrick Douglas Blvd. We have been hearing great things from our tenants about the food and service. Check out their website at www.lidoharlem.com and stop by for some delicious food. Harlem's restaurant row is getting exciting new additions!



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Come to a GoNoFee open house after work or over this weekend and stay in the area for a beer at Bier International or brunch at one of the many restaurants. If you want to grab a bite and surf the net, the Best Yet Market has a ton of prepared foods and a café with WiFi and seating upstairs that gives any renter a great home base to peruse the local listings.

Young apartment buyers are flocking to the area to see beautiful new buildings like SoHa118 after the Post, the Journal, and the Times have all begun covered the area in the past few months.

Here are some great options in the neighborhood for a bite and a glass of beer or wine while you begin your apartment search:

 BEST YET MARKET 2187 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 118th and 119th Streets, Harlem; (212) 377-2300,  bestyetmarket.com.

 FRIZZANTE 2168 Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 117th Street, (212) 866-0525

 BIER INTERNATIONAL 2099 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, at 113th Street; bierinternational.com.

 5 & DIAMOND 2072 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, near 112th Street; (646) 684-4662.

 HARLEM VINTAGE 2235 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 120th and 121st Streets; (212) 866-9463,  harlemvintage.com.

 NECTAR BAR 2235 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, at 121st Street; (212) 961-9622, nectarwinenyc.com.

 67 ORANGE STREET 2082 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 112th Street and 113th Streets; (212) 662-2030, 67orangestreet.com.

 SOCIETY COFFEE & JUICE 2104 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, at 114th Street; (212) 222-3323,  societycoffee.com.

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When Frank Bruni of the New York Times speaks, people listen. His piece in the New York Times from this week highlights what great restaurants and bars are popping up all along Harlem’s restaurant row. The neighborhood essentials are all there like the Best Yet Market and the Chase bank. There has never been a better time to discover the neighborhood the Curbed is calling Harlem’s Gold Coast. 

According to Bruni, “The range of establishments for drinking provides a yardstick… and on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 112th and 121st streets, most of the tipsy trends of the moment are now represented.”

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Forget show business.


The home is still considered most people’s castle across the country and, while that castle is considerably smaller than it used to be due to the housing credit crunch and a sagging economy, New York real estate is still hot, hot, hot – and deals abound for interested renters.


According to the March 2009 edition of the Manhattan Rental Market Report, the demand for non-doorman, two-bedroom units increased by 2.28 percent, while prices for doorman units fell, with sellers/owners offering “aggressive concessions.”


Word to the wise: Go for a doorman unit, and you might just find a better deal!

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